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Leadership Growth Experience

Build engaged, sustainable and high-performing teams with a unique experience that’s designed to grow your mindsets, boost your emotional intelligence abilities and take your leadership skills to the max.

This Era brings an ambivalent change to the workplace.

Most companies are now experiencing a lack of engagement and motivation from their employees and this brought us to The Great Resignation season which is now in full motion.

Researchers around the world have found that what supports employee engagement the most is EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT LEADERSHIP so it’s our job as leaders to take the reins and make sure that the “big quit” trend won’t come knocking on our door.


Emotional Intelligence helps us be aware of how our behaviors impact others, how we can improve our communication skills, and work more effectively with others to enhance psychological safety, trust, and empathy in our teams.

This unique experience is designed to grow our mindsets, boost our emotional intelligence abilities and take our leadership skills to the max.


The series includes:

Session 1 


Opening Lecture


How to Walk the talk?


An inspiring and interactive introduction to positive leadership and emotional intelligence skills.

  • What is psychological safety and why is it crucial for our employees to experience it in the workplace?

  • What is emotional intelligence really all about? And why do we all should get better at it- fast.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness & resilience: how to use it for real outside the classroom

Session 2 


 Mindful Taste

An interactive workshop that will teach us how to stop reacting with our automatic pilot that kicks in, and choose our beneficial response, in work, life, and on our plate.

The interactive workshop includes:


• The neuroscience supporting mindfulness.

• Foundational exercises to focus attention, calm the mind

• Chefs’ meal.


The gourmet meal will be by Chef Meggie Bibby of the prestigious ‘Meggie & Tulli’ catering.

מגי ביבי.jpg

The workshop will be held in the magical 'Green House' in Bazra.

הבית הירוק.jpg

Session 3

Human Performance Optimization Lab- EVERLAB


What is Everlab?

The only health and wellness biohacking playground in Israel that allows you to achieve the best version of yourself physically and mentally, test your resilience boundaries, and recharge the body to make it work better for you.

With the help of advanced technology used by NASA, NBA elite athletes, celebrities, and more.

Session 4

How to be truly resilient and grow your capacity to adapt to change?


An interactive 3-hour workshop where we will:

Build skills and mindset for effectively adapting to change, boost creative problem-solving, and agile approach in a fast-changing world.

What will you learn:


  • How to change your perspective from a negative to a positive mindset

  • How to increase creativity and lookout for new possibilities even in challenging times

  • Skills that will help you adapt quickly to change and lead your teams back to stable grounds

  • Practical interpersonal skills grounded in attention training, growth-oriented mindsets, and collaborative behaviors, to improve team performance.

Anchor 1

Hi, Nice to meet you.

I'm Reli Levy, a passionate Leadership Coach & Consultant who believes in the ability of every corporate leader to grow and become a better version of themselves and therefore, a better manager.

My mission is to help leaders create a safer psychological environment which will then help the organization and its employees THRIVE.


Through my 20 years of career as a VP of Customer Experience, I came across Positive Psychology and it had a profound effect on me and my management style. Therefore I decided to dedicate myself for this line of work and after  studying for a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology I'm focusing on spreading the idea and tools of conscious leadership and helping individuals to change and grow.

What others have to say about working with me

" I've a learned how to STOP before reacting. I need it in work and at home. "

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